What is Lorekeeper?

Lorekeeper is a utility for Everquest. Lorekeeper allows you to track all prior conversations witihin Everquest from the Everquest log files. You can search for conversations between you and any other characters - by date range.

As a side function, at your option it can scan all of the /who data from your logs to send up to the Lorekeeper master database.  This was inspired by the now out of date server at http://www.luclin.org. Lorekeeper works for all Everquest servers. Unlike http://www.eqplayers.com you are able to see history of all tracked characters. Who dinged when?  What guilds has a particular character been in? 

Lorekeeper is free software. Typical disclaimer here is, use it at your own risk - there is no warranty whatsoever on this software.

How do I use it?

First off, download the current version of Lorekeeper here --->        Lorekeeper v1.5   

Need help or have questions not answered here? -->       Lorekeeper / Guildchecker Support Forum


I will be adding more features and such especially if I hear some commentary from anyone that finds this useful. Please email me at dambrath@guildchecker.com

If you find Lorekeeper useful and would like to support it you can donate below. I don't make any sort of profit on Lorekeeper, but will spend time writing custom code for any guild or individual that donates any small amount.


Known bugs:

I am sure there are some bugs.  Lorekeeper has been tested with, and seems to work well on: Windows 98/ME/NT/2K/XP.


11/15/2006 Version 1.5 available! All /joined channels will parse in properly now. You can easily enable / disable EQ1 logging via the tools menu now. Will be adding a configuration window so that all paths can be configured easily. I think I will be setting up parsing capability to ANY game that people provide me logfiles to (yes, thats a hint ;-) email dambrath@guildchecker.com with any logfiles from any game that you want conversations parsed from).
11/07/2006 Version 1.4 available! Have added the ability to exclude various channels from search results (/ooc, /say, /tell, /shout, /raid, /guild). Any combination can be excluded to reduce the number of results returned as needed. The number of records returned can be reduced by using the limit checkbox.
11/05/2006 Version 1.3 available! EQ1 and EQ2 log support is working properly. Please keep an eye out for bugs though. Known bug: Cannot parse a whole folder of logs for EQ2 .. yet. Still need WoW logs sent to dambrath@deluclin.com so I can get those parsed too.
11/01/2006 Version 1.2 available! Added in name history search capability via the "Name Search" button on the search panel. Type in a name and press it to get any known /who results. All search results go into a local .HTM file and are shown in your browser automatically. Makes printing easier (for those of you that want can directly paste into Excel, etc). Known bug: Two word class names are showing only the first word at this time. "Dread Lord" shows as "Dread". Will have this solved soon. Be aware that you may need to redo imports of log files - though you can always reimport, Lorekeeper will not duplicate records. Channel currently shows as YTO, OTY, etc. This is an abbreviation that will be removed soon. YTO = You Tell Other, OTY = Other tells you, YSH = You Shout, OSH = Other Shouts, YGU = You tell guild...  you get the idea. I will pretty this up later. Saves space at the moment. Next bug, channel:# channels are not yet imported!
10/30/2006 Version 1.1 - Beta Release.
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